At Bishop Insurance Services we represent strong financially sound insurance companies that have a long history of stability and product knowledge.

Most of the companies we represent are regional insurance providers. The local representation means the adjusters are familiar with local repair facilities, contractor and service providers. This helps to get things back to normal as fast as possible.

we have had partnerships of more than 20 years with all the insurance companies we currently represent.

We also have partnered with several specialty property insurance providers committed to helping you get coverage for:

Vacant structures
Rental properties
Land contract
Low value homes
Structures under renovation.

We offer a full line of bonds backed by CNA Surety.

License/ Permit
Janitorial/ Dishonesty
Probate/ Estate
Contract/ Performance
Public Official/ notary

All at very competitive pricing.

We also have access to several brokerage markets for your hard to place commercial risks as well as liability for special Events.


***Liquor liability available for most events/venues***

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